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Gotta Love A Tool: 2016 Cool Gadgets

by A. Montalbano on 01/29/16

Its been a while since we touched base on our Gotta Love A Tool segment but arrival of new year shows such as the NAHB in Vegas, the auto show in Houston, and the upcoming Home & Garden Show, yanked me out of hibernation and has my juices running on high octane. Not to mention, I was a Spring baby, so my energy and creative mood gets pumped up at this time of the year, too.

As you may have read in my past blogs, I am an avid tool gadget kinda gal. The excitement of cool tools and gadgets is in the air and I got the fever for some wonderful mentions. 

Not only do well-defined gadgets and tools make up a professional contractors toolbox, but so is safety and proper handling.  We are heavy hitters on OSHA compliant standards so we make effort to spotlight safety when using these gadgets and tools as required.

10.  Just like Popular Mechanics, we love tools and agree with their list of 49 best handtools to own.  But keep reading because we get detailed on the newest and the best power for performance.

9.  Particulate Respiratory Mask:  Inexpensive disposable cover-ups have been on work sites for a while but check out how to maximized protection and keep your respiratory system in check with filtered half masks.

8.  Lawn Mower Success:  The riding mower is the most productive tool for any lawn service but wait til you see the newly released attachments that will take lawn service to a whole new level. 

7.  Night Vision Devices: Yes, the military gets cool stuff first.  But wait no more.  Though can be a bit costly, businesses or occupations requiring night duty are better equipped with these devices. 

6.  Floor Plan Apps:  Yes, I said apps, meaning, easy generated floor plan applications are at your fingertips for phone or tablet. They range from quick&easy to fancy 3D vision.

5.  Mag-Vest: You've heard of the magno-grip, now there is MagVest.  It holds ten times as much tool supply without lugging a tool box. Not recommended for AC or electricians, though.  What will they think of next?

4.  Compact Rotary Hammer: When you gotta get into tight spaces, this bad boy is a perfect fit. 

3.  Tool Box:  Not your grandfather's one-compartment heavy steel box.  Leveled compartments for more storage, no more back-breaking, its wheel-carted, includes slide doors, and heavy duty.  We call the new tool box,
the extreme mobile storage.

2.  Fall/Harness Protection:  Our #2 is not only the leading cause of insurance claims and OSHA cited violations, but necessary protection to all construction personnel at the work site.  At the level of consumers, if you hire a roofer, require that workers wear harnesses and fall protection gear before attempted any repair on your roof.  Another red flag on liability.

1.  The #1 coolest gadget is not a gadget at all but an important guideline for the health and well-being of construction personnel.  SAFETY.  Insurance is always available for construction companies and its there within scope.  But as an insurance specialist for 10 years, its a known fact that accidents happen.  However, nothing beats a costly accidents more than SAFETY training.

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