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Luxury Apartment Living

by A. Montalbano on 01/20/16

Houston home building remains on a steady course of growth although searching for a secluded home on acreage or the suburbs is not for everyone.  So developers hit the right note and created luxury apartment living.

In the past, apartment life was for the young single or couple just starting out on their own and interested in simple features without being stuck to a long term lease.  Today, the trend in apartment life is more about living in a community with neighborhood amenities, staying longer, and offers luxury living for the unique tenant.

Empty nesters are downsizing.  Smaller spaces and to lessen financial overhead yet continue a comfortable lifestyle. Keep in mind, these now empty nesters are the babyboom generation and the Xers who felt the freedom of apartment life in the 70s-90s.
Developers of luxury apartment living are meeting that demand.  An apartment in this style arrangement includes amenities inside as well as outside the home.   Inside these gated communities include fine appliances, walk-in closets, granite countertops, wood floors, double vanity, an elevator, garage, a fitness center, a dog park, a walking trail, a business center, special services, well-lite grounds, security, gated, and professional management.  Outside the community, tenants can find within walking distance of shopping centers, hospitals, libraries, and other appealing features.

Another tenant most likely to call the luxury apartment community home is the single professional.  Many individuals are living single longer than prior to 1980.  Not necessarily are they young but many have prioritized career and singlism over parenthood.  The desire to acquire the finer things in life feels better than the odds against marriage.  Not only so, but a fact that many have experienced divorce as children and the burden imposed.  Another fact is that half of Americans adults are single and no longer in a hurry to start families which require more space or have chosen to remain single after a divorce.

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