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1.  Contact the claims department. The earlier, the better while your memory is fresh of the incident.  Better yet, if you can locate your agent, she can guide with the process and follow along if you prefer  Keep in mind, you are the primary contact the claims department needs to speak with for accurate information.  

2.  Write down the claims number, the adjusters name, and the contact phone #.  Store this information where you can retrieve it as needed.  

3.  Usually a team of adjusters are assigned to your claim: a company adjuster and an independent adjuster (sometimes referred to a field adjuster).  He will be scheduled to come out and make his report.  Be prudent and ask about the next steps, what you need to do, and when to follow up.  Its is a smart move to get an estimator of damages to visit the same date and time the adjuster is scheduled.  

4.  Keep in mind, especially if its a weather claim, the claims department is working over-time to process an over-whelming number of calls and reports.  Its a good idea to keep cool, request your agent's help, and know that you may be asked for additional information such as receipts, estimates, etc.    
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